MF Buffered Acid – Baler’s Choice Preservative

Baling hay or straw is extremely weather dependent. If you leave hay too long before baling, it will lose quality and yield. Baled too early and at moisture levels above 15%, you risk bales heating up and at worst spontaneously combusting. Without preservative, moulds will also develop resulting in dust and a loss of bale quality, with the result that livestock will be more susceptible to respiratory issues and the nutrient value of the forage will be reduced significantly. Hay treated with Baler’s Choice is a lot higher in feed value, dust and mould free. The important element is to apply accurately to the moisture changes and the variable tonnes per hour when baling, with an AGCO HayBoss automatic applicator this is achieved.

The latest AGCO HayBoss Application Systems allow you to beat the weather and by using Baler’s Choice hay preservative, safely bale at moisture levels between 15% and 30% moisture.

Being able to safely bale at higher moisture levels has many benefits:

Greener hay will generally have a higher feed value, the additional yield obtained from baling earlier will more than pay for the Baler’s Choice preservative used to protect the hay.

Allows you to bale sooner compared to untreated forage

ThirtyPlus preservative is suitable for all types of forage hay and straw. With its unique formula and manufacturing process it is non corrosive to the baler (safe pH 6.0)and much safer to handle for baler operators. Application rates start as low as 1.9 litres per tonne (0.19% of crop total). Its unique formula gives it a high level of Propionic acid, specific gravity weight and a pH 6.0. Competitive products will be much weaker litre to litre, much higher application rates and will invariable cost more per tonne of crop treated or in machinery service repairs

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