HayBoss 2200-2300 Series – Automatic Applicator

Introducing the New 700 Series Automatic Applicator for Large Square balers! This automatic applicator  replaces the 600 series and will make adding preservative to your hay crop even easier and more efficient  than ever before!

The HayBoss automatic applicator is fully integrated into the Massey Ferguson square baler ISOBUS system. The applicator takes sensor readings from the bale an its own system to apply product at a fixed rate or variable rate per tonne of crop. The balers performance is continually monitored and the applicator reacts to any changes in output. The information is displayed directly onto the balers terminal weather this is via the tractors ISOBUS terminal of a standalone baler terminal.

The automatic applicator comes as a complete package, and includes twin star wheel moisture sensors, a 420 litre tank, high output spray bar with up to 4 nozzles infra red crop detection at the baler pick-up, digital flow meter, single high output pump with twin solenoid rate control

Based on the parameters of bale weight, length, time per bale and accurate on the move moisture sensing the applicator will automatically stop, start and adjust application rate without any operator interaction

Key Design Improvements

Single bypass pump supplying constant pressure to pulsating solenoid valves for improved response time to changes in moisture. This means no lag in preservative application while pump has to build up pressure

Improved flowmeter that works on a range of products

Display applicator readings on dedicated Virtual Terminal, Apple tablet, or Android tablet o Free Precision Baling App from Apple iTunes or Google Play store when using an approved tablet

The automatic applicator can be upgraded with bale management systems or Alfalfa (Lucern) feed analysis

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