HayBoss RB Series – Automatic Applicator

The HayBoss automatic applicator is integrated into the Massey Ferguson round balers frame. The applicator takes numerous sensor readings to apply product at a fixed rate or variable rate per tonne of crop. The balers performance is continually monitored and the applicator reacts to any changes in output. The information is displayed directly onto the tractors ISOBUS terminal or iPad using the Hay App

The automatic applicator comes as a complete package, and includes twin disc moisture sensors, a 210 litre tank, high output spray bar with up to 4 nozzles, infra red crop detection at the baler pick-up, digital flow meter and a single high output pump with solenoid rate control.

Baserat på parametrarna för balvikt, tid per bal och noggrann fuktavkänning under rörelse kommer applikatorn automatiskt att stoppa, starta och justera appliceringshastigheten utan någon operatörsinteraktion

The solenoid rate control will pulse at variable rates as required to apply liquid based on the balers performance and moisture readings. As crop flow or moisture changes the application will adjust automatically by changing the solenoid pulse rate

Den automatiska applikatorn kan uppgraderas med balhanteringssystem.

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