Mamut and Sherp Subsoiler / Tool Carrier

The Sherp is a sprung auto reset tool bar with a choice of legs to suit requirements. with hydraulic 3 point linkage to set the depth on the go with the following disc independently. The working widths are 2.5 or 3 meter. the 3 meter, when coupled with the Ozyrus discs and subsoiling at 10 inch (25cm) and discs operating at 4 inch (10cm) the horse power requirement is as low as 160hp in real world demonstrations carried out with a John Deere 6155R in North Devon.

The Mamut tool carrier comes is either a 4, 6 or 8 leg configuration depending on working width. The Mamut uses the low disturbance shear bolt protected leg to provide soil aeration and drainage. The added benefit of the low disturbance leg is the reduction on horse power required while keeping output a to a maximum. The Atom will carry any of the Awemak 3 or 4 meter machines to provide additional cultivation in a single pass. Height adjustment of the Mamut to rear cultivator is set on the go with hydraulic adjustment.. The wear points are made from Hardox steel which increase the hectare cultivated before replacement downtime is required.

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