Harvest Tec H2O Moisture Sensor

H2O utilises patented twin disc technology from our automatic applicator system using an electrical pulse which is pushed five times per second through the full width of the outer 150mm of the bale as it forms. the range is from 5-60% moisture and an accuracy of +/-1%. The sensor will display a live reading and the average moisture of the previous bale. the moisture reading will update every second with the rolling 3 second average. The H2O sensor uses an app compatible with the latest Apple iOS and Android devices

By using twin sensors and measuring the voltage resistance between them the system accurately measures moisture locked inside the stem which is hidden from pad and hand probe systems. Using the twin discs gives unrivalled accuracy due to its highly efficient electricity transfer through the bale, this system is self-calibrating requiring no operator adjustment as crop density or type change. Moisture systems can be upgraded to operate application and bale management equipment

Star wheel accuracy +/-1% in the critical Hay and straw baling range.
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