Fertiliser / Slurry / Water Storage

Providing temporary storage options for water, silage effluent, liquid fertiliser and slurry (liquid cattle, pig, poultry waste) the Serna Pillow Bags provide cost effect and efficient storage options. For slurry storage there is usually a 0-3 months period. Mixing by pumping out and in on a loop will be required usually by an umbilical pump to increase the storage life up to 9 months (12 months maximum). The pillow bags range from 300 litres to 600,000 litres (66 gallons to 132,000 gallons) with a large selection of inlet and outlet connectors available

For long term storage the lagoon liners provide the environmental protection required to meet the current UK requirements. Since 1991 all new structures must have an impermeable liner by using clay with a minimum permutability and at 1000mm thickness. most farms will not have clay suitable or the cost of importing it will be far greater than the liner option. The Lagoons liners can be made to measure. The liners have market leading UV protection providing years of trouble free storage

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