Large Square Performer Tarpaulin

  • Sizes from 14ft (4.5m – one bale wide) to 60ft (18m – five bale wide stacks)
  • P1560SQ – P2554SQ – P3554SQ – P4548SQ – P6048SQ
  • 8ft (2.4m) to 40ft (12m) wide stacks with bespoke sizes to order
  • 7-8 години UV защита
  • Built to withstand extreme weather conditions, unique tie down system
  • Extremely high stretch resistance and tear strength
  • Технология с нулеви отвори – закрепващи тръби (900 мм на всяка секция от 1200 мм)
  • Super strengthened ropes included
  • Steel ‘J’ hooks to anchor ropes to bottom bale
  • Super Cinch технология за бързо опъване и освобождаване на въжетата
  • Easily apply 300lb to 400lb pressure to each Super Cinch
  • Вграден дъждовен канал за отвеждане на излишната вода отстрани на стека
  • Optional Side sheeting for complete weather protection
  • Average life 5 years, we often seen 7-12 years life
Tarp Selection Chart
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