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“For me Baler’s Choice is a ‘no-brainer’. I couldn’t make quality hay without it.”

Mike Prutton prides himself on the high quality hay that he sells, and when your customers include large livery stables, show jumpers and race horse breeders, quality is definitely key.

The Prutton’s are long established hay producers and each year Mike makes in the region of 25,000 small and 300 large square bales of hay and straw. Most of the hay is from 3-year hybrid leys but some is also old fashioned meadow hay.


A key element in helping him achieve the quality of hay that he aims to produce and that his customers expect from him, are Baler’s Choice preservative and the Harvest Tec automatic applicators with the extremely accurate moisture meter he has fitted to his New Holland 575 conventional and Quadrant 1150 large square balers.”

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“Insurance against the weather

One of the longest established users of Harvest Tec Automatic Applicators and Baler’s Choice preservative is Scrase Farms, who have not only been using the system since 2004, but since 2009 have also been a dealer for PFC through their machinery sales company, Bale Baron UK Ltd.

“For us the biggest benefit has to be the insurance Baler’s Choice gives us against changes in the weather,” states Nick Scrase. “If you have a field of potentially 4,000 bales down and the weather changes, if you save just one field of hay, that goes a long way to covering the cost of the system.”

“The Harvest Tec Automatic Applicator and Baler’s Choice preservative results in greater productivity from the baler. It will enable us to bale a day earlier than we might otherwise be able to and also allows us to start baling earlier and finish later in the day, so we can get on and finish a field.”

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Nick Scrace testimonial

“Having Baler’s Choice gave me an extra 4,000 bales work.”

It was a bit of a struggle, but having the HayBoss Automatic Applicator and BALER’S CHOICE preservative certainly helped us,” says Alistair, who is based near Stockton-on-Tees. “Whilst I used a bit on hay, it was mainly used on straw and was a big saviour and without a doubt was justified. Having the HayBoss applicator and BALER’S CHOICE I reckon gave me an extra 4,000 bales this year and certainly enabled me to go baling on days when otherwise you would not go.”

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“Baler’s Choice gives me the level of feed quality consistency that I require.”

Scottish racehorse trainer James Ewart is the first to admit that he is a difficult man to satisfy, especially when it comes to the quality of the feed he uses. But having used hay treated with BALER’S CHOICE, he states that this is a must and he will now never make hay without it being BALER’S CHOICE treated.

With an average winners strike rate of 20% over the past five years from his 50 box Craig Farm yard near Langholm in the Scottish Borders, James places great store in getting the basics right and this is especially important when it comes to feed.

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“Customers request Baler’s Choice hay in preference to other hay.”

Having Harvest Tec Automatic Applicators fitted to both his balers in order to apply BALER’S CHOICE preservative has ensured that Joe Stent can consistently maintain bale quality, which is key to him being able to expand his business.

Based near Beccles on the Norfolk/Suffolk border, looking at options for diversifying the family’s contract pig finishing business, Joe bales and sells hay and haylage mainly for the equestrian market.

In order to assess the benefits of BALER’S CHOICE, in 2012 Joe initially bought a manual applicator for his inline MF1839 conventional baler. And having seen the benefits that it offered, when he bought a John Deere round baler in 2013, this was also fitted with a Harvest Tec Automatic Applicator.

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“Right machinery enables brothers to pursue quality hay.”

From Knuston High Farm, Irchester, near Welling borough, W.W. Old and Son compliments its 600 hectares (1,480 acre~) of combinable crops with a considerable haymaking workload.

Each season, the family-run farm mows some 250ha (615 acres) of grass, with the aim of producing about 6,000 big bales of high quality hay each season. Most of what is produced is sold around the UK to livestock producers, with a few bales fed on-farm to any over-wintered stock which arrives on a bed and breakfast basis.

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