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Performer Tarpaulin


It pays to protect your bales, round or square, hay or straw



Performer Hay & Straw Tarp Installation

Construction of the Performer Hay & Straw Tarp

Stacking Hay & Straw with a Peak

Performer Removal & Storage

Covering Round Bales Stacks

Super Cinch Instructions

Protecting round bales & losses


Now we are in the season of getting your hay and straw covered successfully, and always with the Performer range of tarpaulins. Perforformer Hay & Straw Tarpaulins proven and always successful year after year with an average life of 5 years we have many customers with our Performer tarps achieving 8 to 10 seasons from the same tarp. As our customer Mr Stephen Jones with his picture of his 2019 hay covered. This tarp was purchased in 2013,  this tarp is now entering its 7th season of successful covering.

Performer the only successful way to cover your square or round bales as this picture shows a tarp in its 7th year, and will be the cheapest cover you will ever buy over its life span


Curtesy of Mr Stephen Jones. This tarp purchased and first used in 2013 this is the 7th season and still functioning well and looking great


Tarp in 7th season



Curtesy of a new 2019 customer from near Aylesbury, another successful tarping of a large square bale straw stack, that is equivalent to 5 x 8 feet bales across



Performer, the only well proven tarp with an average life of 5 years and many customers still using original tarp after 10 years, the only proven successful cover for your bales

Square Bale Stack Performer Tarpaulins

With many thanks to Richard West, Stocken Farm, Princes Risborough for this picture of his multiple straw stacks covered by Performer tarpaulins. Mr West first purchased Performer tarps in 2013 and has made multiple tarp purchases since then and has added two extra tarps this season, proof of their use for long term storage and life.


  • A well maintained Performer tarp you should expect an average life of 5 years
  • We regularly see tarps lasting 7-8 years plus
  • A tight tarp is a happy tarp that will stay in place in severe wind
  • Easy maintenance, just pull down with a full weight pull on the rope through our unique "Super Cinch" to tighten, a full weight pull will apply a 250 -300 pound pressure, two persons can pull can apply 400 pound pressure, you will not damage a Performer Tarp
  • Tighten every few days the first 10-14 days as the stack settles, then tighten regularly every 2-3 weeks and before and after forecast heavy winds
  • Any tarp that is not tight whatever the grade of material will damage in the wind
  • Performer tarps are easy to maintain and keep tight
  • Tie-down ropes should be tightened like guitar strings; this is only achievable with our unique "Super Cinch" tie down system
  • No other tarp on the market will stay secure with regular maintenance like the Performer Tarp



With many thanks for pictures from Mr Stephen Jones. Maltings Farm. Brisley, Norfolk, who purchased 2 x P2554sq tarps in 2013 and a further 2 x P2554Sq taps in 2015, and sent us these 3 pictures on Aug 15th 2016


Installing a Performer Tarpperformer tarp installation nearly complete

Performer Tarp installed correctly


Round bale stacks:

Contact PFC before stacking round bales, you will require the under-ropes or strapping prior to constructing your stack, round bale have not got stings to connect too.


Your stack tarpaulin is only as strong as your anchor point, ropes or our under-strapping under each row of bales from one side to the other is the only secure anchor, and needs to be regulary tighten with a full force "jump" on the rope to get 250 - 300 pound of pressure


Always remember to peak the stack, sheds water, tighter tarp, longer tarp life


P2854Rd  for 4' bales in a 4, 3, 2, 1 pyramid  --- 120 bales under each sheet

P3554Rd  for 4' bales in a 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 pyramid --- 180 bales under each sheet

P3554Rd  for 5' bales in a 4, 3, 2, 1 pyramid ---120 bales under each sheet


Square bale stacks:

Square bale stacks always remember to peak the stack, sheds water, tighter tarp, longer tarp life


You can stack 1 eight foot bale wide up to 5 eight foot bale wide stacks for optimum performance from our tarpaulins


P1454sq  for 8' bales with a one bale wide stack --- 12 x six string bales and 18 x 4 string bales on each layer, height of stack is your choice, always stack to a safe working height

P2554sq  for 8' bales with a two bale wide stack --- 24 x six string bales and 36 x 4 string bales on each layer, height of stack is your choice, always stack to a safe working height

P3554sq  for 8' bales with a three bale wide stack --- 36 x six string bales and 54 x 4 string bales on each layer, height of stack is your choice, always stack to a safe working height

P4548sq  for 8' bales with a four bale wide stack --- 44 x six string bales and 64 x 4 string bales on each layer, height of stack is your choice, always stack to a safe working height

P6048sq  for 8' bales with a five bale wide stack --- 55 x six string bales and 80 x 4 string bales on each layer, height of stack is your choice, always stack to a safe working height


The Performer range of bale tarpaulins are available in widths from 4.2metres (14 ft) up to 22metres (72ft) and can cover stacks up to 17metres (56ft) wide. Sheets are available in lengths of 14.3m (47ft) up to 16.2m (53ft). The tarpaulin itself is manufactured from high strength, UV treated poly-weave fabric with 7-8 years UV protection


Each sheet comes as standard with extra strength ropes, that use a unique Super Cinch and J-Hook, and this enables the sheet to be quickly and tightly secured.

Large square bales the J-Hook attaches to the string and the rope feeds back through the Super Cinch for a simple securing mechanism that is robust and secure.  With round bales ropes or under-strapping (seat belt style webbing) can be supplied, which is placed under the bales and is used to anchor the tarp


In addition, incorporated into the hem of each tarpaulin are plastic pipe inserts, designed to keep the sheet rigid, and for the anchor ropes to pull evenly across the full width of the sheet, but still allow it to be quickly folded back in 1.2metre (4ft) sections on itself and then re-tightened using the ‘Super Cinch’. The hem also includes a rain flap that deflects water away from the sides of the stack


SUPER CINCH - The Ultimate tie-down system

Each Performer bale tarpaulin utilises the unique "Super Cinch" tie-down system to ensure it is quickly and tightly secured, which will avoid the sheet flapping in the wind, the sheets are designed for a longer life span and better protection of your bales. At the end of each securing rope is a steel J-hook that anchors into a bale string on large square bales or either rope or under-strapping (webbing) laid under stack for round bales to provide a secure anchor point. The "Super Cinch" is then used to tighten the securing rope, and enables the person installing to apply up to 150Kg of pressure on each tie down point which is increased if two people install the tarpaulin



Super Cinch

round multi sheet stack




Testimony to the proof of the strength of the Performer Tarpaulin is in the picture below


Hurricane force winds at 70 miles per hour or more over 3 days dismantles the shed and the galvanised tin from the shed roof flying into the Performer Tarpaulin and cutting the sheet, but the sheet remains in position


The power of the wind

The power of wind and the strength of the Performer