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Silage Plus for Clamped Silage


We now offer the complete package

Treated hay up to 30% moisture preservative treated with our hay preservatives, Baler's Choice, CropSaver, ThirtyPlus

Threated haylage and silage over 30% moisture treated with Silage Plus

The latest technology automatic applicator systems for accurate application, moisture management and traceability


Benefits of Silage Plus

New product with mixture of salts
Guarantees the quality of baled silage/haylage
Effective against bacteria and mould
Good spread gives high effectiveness
No ADR restrictions, classified as non-corrosive


Silage Plus additive

Both propionic and formic acid are well proven within the UK market and have been used for many years due to their flexibility, effectiveness and excellent preservative properties. Unlike inoculants, acid derived additives are far more flexible in the way they can be used and are not so dependent on weather conditions. This means that farmers can confidently forward buy, knowing that they will achieve optimum results in a wide range of harvesting conditions, which is important considering the variable weather conditions experienced in recent years. All farmers need to produce cost effective and energy rich home grown feed

Silage Plus is a new generation acid derived additive that is ideal for use with both clamp and wrapped bale silage. Using the latest chemical technology, Silage Plus creates a gas forming additive of sodium propionate and sodium nitrate salts. Being gas forming, Silage Plus is highly effective in killing bacteria and preventing the formation of mycotoxins and other unwanted fermentation products. The gas will also permeate through the silage, providing thorough protection even where distribution is uneven, making it the ideal solution for baled silage


While comparatively unknown in the UK, the manufacture is one of the largest multi-national producers of speciality chemicals in the world, and employs around 1,600 people in 22 countries. The company has over 50 years’ experience of developing and manufacturing additives and preservatives for the agricultural market. The earliest formic acid based silage additives were introduced in the 1960s, which were later blended with propionic acid to enhance performance. More recently, salts of these organic products have been used to act as a buffer, making handling and transport far safer. Combining these well proven products with modern chemical technology, we offer a range of highly effective additives that can be used in a wide range of conditions. Such is their effectiveness, these additives account for approximately 80% of silage additives sold in Sweden, where climatic conditions are very similar to the UK and where inoculants have struggled to make any noticeable impact



Silage Making

Whether in a bale or a clamp essentially silage, is 'pickled' grass and the main cost effective feed for ruminants. Silage/Haylage is usually made from grass crops, including maize, whole-crop and other cereals. It is a nutritious feed for livestock, because the process retains valuable nutrients.

Properly ensiling feed, under the right conditions, preserves a high energy and protein content and inhibits unwanted microorganisms such as Clostridia and yeast. Silage Plus will help to ensure a good start to the ensiling process and to produce a storage stable feed.

Silage Plus additive improve your bottom line result by reducing dry matter losses, retaining natural feed value which will improve milk yield and quality whilst increasing live weight gain.


Dry matter losses in silage (27% DM)


Retaining feed value
Reducing dry matter losses
Improving the hygienic quality
Giving a more palatable feed
Prevents secondary fermentation



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