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Second-Hand & Customer Equipment


We are pleased to offer second-hand equipment, shop soiled and customer sale of equipment

We are now looking to build with a combination from our stock of shop soiled; with new parts where required and used units we have at our premises 


Currently available:

Please contact to see if we can offer you a build from a combination of shop soiled, new and used parts

Tel: 01805 603 363 or email:


Advice when purchasing a second-hand Harvest Tec automatic applicator from a third party

Always contact PFC first

It is always advisable to contact PFC for advice to ensure your proposed purchase is suitable for your requirements, we are always pleased to help you get good value for money and that you don’t add any unnecessary expense

Correct applicator for your baler

Ensure that the applicator is the correct Harvest Tec model for your baler model

Large Square, Round, Conventional Small Square, it is costly to convert from round to square and so on, reprogramming required and harnesses will need to be replaced, moisture sensing calibration is different on the 3 different types of baler and will require different parts for moisture sensing on the three baler types and there may be fabrication of parts to make fit, please check with PFC

You may need to purchase additional parts to make the applicator operational on your baler, we are always happy to help

Check out the Harvest Tec model

There are 5 different models with lots of different base units just for large square balers and a very large amount of spray-shield options to fit all types and makes of baler that could be available, we are pleased to help you make your decision on your purchase and advise if the model is suitable for your requirements



Models available, current and non-current options

441, 442, 448;   (441 current small square) Electronic Manual applicator, small square and round balers; basic manual system

442X, 448X;   (current round) Extra High Output Electronic Manual applicator, round balers; basic manual system

443 & 493;  (no longer available) Original automatic applicator, pre 2005, would advise upgrading to a 300 or 600 series depending on your    baler type (300 series auto small square and round, & 600 series all models)

400 series; (no longer available 2005 to 2016), has limited output for the new high output round and large square balers, can upgraded            with a Bluetooth Antenna for iPad control, can off upgrade to 600 series and extra high output


500 series; (no longer available 2010 – 2013), this generation of automatic applicator technology was to suit modern farming techniques          and equipment. Can be high or extra high output, to suit the capacity of modern high output balers, we would now recommend an                    upgrade to the 600 series.



Electronic Manual Applicators

Conventional Small Square: 440, 441, 433, Standard Electronic Manual applicators

Round: 441X, 442-55X, 442CX, 448X Extra High Output Electronic Manual applicators

Large Square: 491AX, 491BBX, 491CLX, 491KX, 491NHX, 491NHLX, 491VX, 491VIX; Extra High Output Electronic Manual applicators for              large square ballers

600 Series Automatic Applicators

All Balers 600 series Automatic: The new ISOBUS controlled or iPad control the latest generation of technology to suit modern farming              techniques and equipment. Can be standard or extra high output, to suit the capacity of modern high output balers

300 Series Automatic Applicators

Round and Small Square 300 series Automatic: The new series for 2017 with Bluetooth Antenna for iPad control the latest generation of            technology to suit modern farming techniques and equipment. Extra high output to suit the capacity of modern high output round balers,        standard output for conventional small square balers and older round balers


PFC will offer to advertise a customer’s applicator, the warranty and full working order and functionality of the equipment applicator sale will be the responsibility of the supplier who is offering for sale his equipment on the PFC web page. This sale is between the two parties and PFC will only put both parties in touch with each other.


Equipment supplied by PFC, second-hand or shop-soiled equipment will have a full warranty program