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ThirtyPlus brand Case IH has proved its commitment to the European farmer, supplying equipment to not only enhance their baler range, but also dedicate themselves to the process of quality hay and straw production, now with ISOBUS integration onto the AFS Pro 700 terminal or tractor ISOBUS terminal or control through an iPad with Bluetooth antenna

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Applicators for Large Square Balers




For the professional  farmer or contractor large square baler operation. Extremely accurate moisture system, will handle the high baling output of modern large square balers and apply within 0.1 litre per tonne to moisture and the baling speed. Controlled through the baler or tractor ISOBUS terminal or through a Bluetooth connection to an iPad



The 600 Series ThirtyPlus Automatic Applicator system is now compatible with baler and tractor ISOBUS systems. By running through the baler monitor, the system is more efficient and easier to install and operate. The 600 Automatic Applicator still retains all its functions such as sensing moisture and tonnage on the go, and adjusts the preservative application rate based on the condition of the hay. This precision gives the operator the exact amount of preservative required to keep the crop in great condition without wasting product. The display in the cab gives the operator complete control and provides information on:

§  Moisture content

§  Speed of baling (tonnage)

§  Volume of preservative used per bale

§  Total tonnes baled


Applicator control options:  600 Series Automatic or Electronic

§  ISOBUS linked through baler onto baler or tractor screen (600 series)


§  ISOBUS through tractor ISOBUS (600 series)


§  iPad through Bluetooth connection (600 series)

Modular system to suit any large square Case IH baler

600 series ThirtyPlus is a complete application system for the Case IH LB Baler.  Accurate moisture and baling speed monitoring allowing you to apply ThirtyPlus preservative that may add up to 30% more baler output per day, offering complete traceability from field to end user. ThirtyPlus is fully integrated to the Case IH LB Baler with the entire information displayed on the Pro 300 and Pro 700 monitor or via the tractors ISOBUS monitor

New....  Where ISOBUS is not available or not required the unit can be controlled by your iPad via the Bluetooth antenna

ThirtyPlus Moisture Monitor is a fully integrated moisture only system that will accurately measure moisture to within 1% in all crops with a range of 8-72%.  The live information is displayed on the screen with the average for the previous bale.

Moisture Pro is a fully integrated moisture system and all ThirtyPlus modules can be added via plug & play

ThirtyPlus Automatic Applicator utilise the accurate moisture readings and balers’ sensors to monitor baler output and adjust the amount ThirtyPlus preservative applied, change in moisture or baling output the ThirtyPlus applicator will adjust the preservative application to precise application within 0.1 of a litre.  If the baler does not have a weigh scale or electronic bale length as an option then the operator will enter these figures and ThirtyPlus calculates baler output.  When turning on headlands Hay Indicator crops eyes will automatically pause the applicator so no preservative is wasted.  If a blockage occurs, when PTO speed drops ThirtyPlus will again automatically pause.

Bale Marker (high moisture bale marker) will spray a red food grade colour mark onto the portion of the bale which has exceeded the operators alarm point.  The alarm point is set according to the operators preference.  The bales with red marks are easily identified and can be stacked separately from the bales that are within the operators parameters.  Managing the bale quality with moisture parameters is simple but effective using the Bale Marker.

Tagger (not available all markets, undergoing CE evaluation)  provides crop inventory control and traceability from field to end user.  Bales can be traced from the field to stack and to the end user. Using a GPS antenna the location of where the bale was produced is recorded along with moisture, weight, unique bale ID, date and time.  Scanning the bales can be done with a hand scanner, loader mounted or a drive through portal scanner.  The portal scanner will record the entire load as it is driven through the portal frame. (Tagger currently not available in the EU region)

ThirtyPlus options are available for all Case IH LB Balers and previous range of Case IH large square balers

The 600 Series Automatic Applicator is compatible with the new Bale Identification System, or Tagger, that attaches a tag carrying all the information on that specific bale to the bale itself.

Electronic extra high output control systems are also available for large square balers. Equipped with a high-capacity 435 litre tank mounted on the rear of the baler, the operator can go almost non-stop.

Moisture Sensors for Large Square balers

Automatic systems for large square balers are equipped with two star wheel moisture sensors mounted on the top of the bale chamber, sensing moisture across the width of the bale via conductivity. The sensors can accurately read crop moisture from 8% to 70%, covering a wide range of moisture levels. As the star wheels turn, they also calculate tonnage, ensuring the system apply preservative even more accurately to baling speed and moisture changes.


Star wheel sensors for large square balers

moisture sensing star wheels

The most accurate moisture meter on the market reading from 8-72% moisture

Moisture Accuracy Comparison

Product Specs

All applicators come as complete kits designed to fit your specific baler, and consist of:

§  435 litre plastic tank

§  12 volt pumping system

§  All plumbing and wiring supplied

§  Control options: 600 Series Automatic or Electronic









Manual applicators are designed for fixed rate application on silage or haylage bales.  For hay & straw preservation the system as with all manual aplication requires an accurate moisture meter and good operator control, the operator has to assess moisture and baling speed (we would recommend the 300 or 600 series Moisture Only) and apply to the top level of moisture and baling speed (tonnes per hour), you may find you use 20-30% more preservative than with an automatic applicator


The electronic cab control is a solid state electronic pump control used for large round and large square balers. The control is mounted in the cab. Application rate is quickly and easily adjusted from the operator seat. Once set, the electronic control will hold the application rate constant. This unit is included with all 100-and 210 litre applicators with electronic control. It is also included with 420 litre applicators with electronic control for large square


ThirtyPlus Electronic Manual High Output Applicator Systems for large square and round balers


This is a manually operated system for silage inoculants and acid additives. The rate is manually controlled and so is designed for fixed rate application of silage and haylage products.

Application of inoculants and acids

The new Electronic Manual High Output applicator is ideally suited for use with modern, high output large square balers

Applies a constant rate as set by the operator

Application rate can be adjusted by selecting different nozzles and pressure

Moisture readings determined using either a hand held probe or ideally for optimum efficiency a 600 Series or 300 Series moisture monitor system

Ideal for applying fixed rates of silage preservative or inoculant

Upgrades available to apply premium buffered propionic acid for hay and straw

Optional Equipment:

Hay Indicator Crop Eyes, Auto on/off

600 series Moisture Only, 8% to 72% moisture reading, accurate to within 1 point, weather conditions, crop density and type does not affect accuracy


Delmhorst FX2000, combination moisture probe, swath tester and in-chamber moisture pad is a moisture indicator; accuracy can fluctuate from +5 to -5 points and in very sunny conditions can fluctuate even more points



Comparison of Applicator Controls


Electronic Applicator

All balers

300 Series Automatic

Round & Small Square balers

600 Series Automatic

All balers

Single Pump System




3-Pump Manifold




Control Box with Adjustable Dial




iPad Display




IOSBUS Display




Built-in Flowmeter




Automatic Application




Moisture Sensing Capability




Job Records by Field




Job Records by Individual Bales




Calculates Baling Rate: Round Baler




Calculates Baling Rate: Small & Large Square Baler




Export Job Records to iPad




Hay Indicator Compatible




Stroke Counter on Small Square Baler




Dye Sprayer Kit Compatible: Small & Large Square Baler




Tagger Compatible: Large Square Baler