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Applicator Control Options

600 Series Automatic Control System

Large Square balers             


The Harvest Tec 600 Commercial Automatic Applicator control system is the premier applicator for large square balers. The 600 system accurately senses moisture on-the-go and adjusts the application of preservative every three seconds to match the condition of the hay. This precision gives the operator the exact amount of product required to keep the crop in great condition, without wasting product. The all-new 600 automatic system for large square balers can be controlled through the baler ISOBUS display or iPad, giving complete control to the operator more efficiently as ever without the need for a separate monitor in the cab. The display shows moisture content, speed of baling, and how much preservative is being applied. This control adjusts application rate every three seconds to attain the target rate.

This kit can be controlled one of three ways:

§  If the baler is ISOBUS compatible, the applicator can be integrated and displayed through the baler monitor in the cab- no other display is needed.

§  If the operator has an ISOBUS tractor with a VT display and is not using it to control the baler, the applicator functions can be viewed through the tractor display.

§  If the ISOBUS options are not available, a Bluetooth receiver can be used to display the applicator through an iPad.

A simple push on the Main Menu key pulls up a selection of other screens including the adjustable settings and a Job Record screen. The system stores up to 300 job records by field, including date and time of baling, number of tons baled, product used and the average moisture and high moisture. The system will also store up to 33,000 individual bale records within those job records, and all of the job records can be exported to the iPad, or downloaded and printed via a USB port on the processor for easy and efficient access to crucial bale information.



The new Dye Sprayer Marking Kit that is found on large square balers can now be used on small square balers, allowing the operator to visibly mark the wet bales. GPS systems and bale scale kits can also be used with the 600 Series Automatic Applicator, helping the baling operation become more advanced and efficient than ever before.

Round and Small Square Balers

The 600 Automatic Applicator is the choice of applicator for the round or small square operator that makes hay commercially or is looking for the added performance and capabilities of the 600 system. On small square balers, the 600 system reads the moisture and tonnage with two star wheel sensors, and also has a stroke counter that records the number of strokes per bale, and an end of bale sensor, to record individual bale information like the large square system does. 


The 600 system on round balers reads moisture with two discs in the bale chamber up to 70% moisture, and also has a sensor on the bale door to record individual bale records. Both systems have the ability to store and download job and individual bale records via USB and export via iPad.


300 Series Automatic Control System 



Round & Small Square Balers


The 300 series automatic control system is a more compact and efficient applicator that accurately senses moisture on the go and adjusts the application of preservative to match the condition of the hay. This precision give the operator the exact amount of product required to keep their crop in great condition, without wasting product. The 300 Series applicator is controlled with an iPad* through a Bluetooth receiver, eliminating harnesses in the cab.

New improvements to the 300 Series Automatic Applicator includes:

§  Single constant-pressure pump with pulsing solenoid that reacts quickly to changes in application rates

§  Improved flowmeter that works on a range of products

§  Smaller and more compact system that is easier to install and maintain

The applicator takes moisture and baling rate information from the two star wheel sensors on small square balers, and two moisture discs in the bale chamber on round balers, and the system will automatically apply the correct amount of product. The moisture, tonnage, and rates are all displayed on the screen, along with the volume used. A simple push of any Main Menu key pulls up a selection of other screens including adjustable settings and a Job Records screen. The system stores 63 jobs by date and time, number of tons baled, product used, and high and average moisture.


*iPad Mini or iPad 3rd Generation (2012) or newer, with iOS 8 or higher operating system required for iPad option


Electronic Manual Control System


All baler models Electronic Manual 




Manual, designed for fixed rate application on silage or haylage bales.  For hay & straw preservation the system requires an accurate moisture meter and good operator control, the operator has to assess moisture and baling speed (we would recommend the 300 or 600 series Moisture Only) and apply to the top level of moisture and baling speed (tonnes per hour), you may find you use 20-30% more preservative than an automatic applicator



The electronic cab control is a solid state electronic pump control used for large round and large square balers. The control is mounted in the cab. Application rate is quickly and easily adjusted from the operator seat. Once set, the electronic control will hold the application rate constant. This unit is included with all 100-and 210 litre applicators with electronic control. It is also included with 420 litre applicators with electronic control for large square


Harvest Tec Electronic Manual High Output Applicator Systems for round balers


This is a manually operated system for silage inoculants and acid additives. The rate is manually controlled and so is designed for fixed rate application of silage and haylage products.

Application of inoculants and acids

The new Electronic Manual High Output applicator is ideally suited for use with modern, high output large square balers

Applies a constant rate as set by the operator

Application rate can be adjusted by selecting different nozzles and pressure

Moisture readings determined using either a hand held probe or ideally for optimum efficiency a 600 Series or 300 Series moisture monitor system

Ideal for applying fixed rates of silage preservative or inoculant

Upgrades available to apply premium buffered propionic acid for hay and straw